Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On being a published author

Word to the wise: writing and publishing a book is way, way more trouble than anyone could ever imagine.

Having said that, it’s also second only to raising a daughter in good old-fashioned gratification.

The feeling of accomplishment is huge but Oh My Lord, the frustrations. Just when you think you’ve figured out how to structure a novel, then suddenly you’ve forgotten everything you knew. Extend that ad infinitum to designing, publishing, and marketing and dealing with Amazon and Smashwords and iTunes and Book Bub and Goodreads and people who love you and people who can’t stand you.

It’s been a long, hard climb but all three of the books in The Juan Miguel Series are now available on Amazon. And the first book is available on Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other Internet sites for a reduced price.

Thank you to everyone who’s read or supported my books so far. And thank you, BrenĂ© Brown, for giving me the courage to go on. We’ve come too far to quit now.